This is for you Megan :)

So I haven’t figured out how to make this private yet, so I am assuming you are the only one who can see this 🙂 I started some new advocare products today! I did the 10 day herbal cleanse and lost 4 pounds so I am kinda hooked. I have lost ten pounds since I started, basically only like 10 more to go to be wedding ready! I have been going to the gym six days a week, Drew made a workout plan for me that I love doing. I also have the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May and the Cleveland Rock and Roll Half Marathon in October that I am doing so I am still trying to treadmill run even though that is awful. But still hustlin’. So today for breakfast: oatmeal that I make in the microwave with oats, egg whites, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, some truvia, almond butter and chia seeds. I was super full, until I sent out more save the dates then I ate a Kashi bar. Now its like supplement time then off to the gym! I will let you know what I eat and my gym workouts if you want, so whenever you have time we can both get boss fit together #wedding #purpledress I MISS YOU SO MUCH!


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