So what am I taking..

So basically I had a big revelation with all this prep for the wedding. I need to establish healthy habits, like exercising and lifting, and a relatively healthy diet, and not so much worry about the weight. Now obviously I still want to lose weight. But before, I was talking about losing like 30 pounds in three months, when now I think I will probably only have to lose about 20 (with under ten more to go :)) I won’t lie, Drew was a big part of that decision, because he just says weight is just a number, I am proud of you for making great changes, so it makes me happy and a little more relieved. I also really notice the way you’re body can change not by dropping weight necessarily, but by lifting and working hard (not just our beloved running). Anywaysssss my diet kinda goes like this; (new since like last week when Drew thought I should up my calories, I was shooting for 900 everyday before) so now I shoot for 3 days a week 900 calories, 3 days a week 1200 calories, and one day with kinda whatever calories. Now I still try to keep like 80-90% healthy foods even on the whatever calorie day (and by whatever I don’t mean like 6,000 either lol). Very little breads and carbs really, trying to get more veggies in, a lot of lean protein.

Now for the Advocare products I just started taking!
So I told you I did the herbal cleanse (which is not really a cleanse, just some pills and drinks and stuff and staying away from carbs sugar and dairy aka close to what I do anyway) and was really happy with the results, so I got more Advocare stuff because I read good reviews and really why not. So I am taking:
MNS-3- it’s like a daily pack of 4 sets of vitamins and junk, idk something about filling in gaps with your diet (nutrition) and craving suppressors. I basically take them as being super good well balanced vitamins.
Thermoplus_ I firmly believe this helps with the craving and the fullness! It’s supposed to be something to boost the metabolism as well. I truly really like this guy.
Catalyst- This is like amino acids basically protein that is supposed to support lean muscle and get rid of fat, great for workout support (once again supposedly) a lot of people who use advocare really swear by this and thermoplus
02 Gold- This stuff is not from their “trim” line but from their “performance elite” line, which is supposed to help you in the gym. You take two pills an hour before the gym, and it helps with oxygen absorption and muscle recovery.
Spark- This is advocare’s energy drink, basically gives you energy without the shakes and jitters, I like this a lot.

Now yesterday before the gym I took O2 Gold, Catalyst, and a Spark (at the times recommended) and had an amazing workout! I was definitely able to push harder, but I didn’t feel like shaky and crazy like this other diet pilled I tried once with Anna. Very controlled. And I had a great tough workout, without that much soreness today!


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