Start my week off right!

Busy weekend I suppose! First wedding shower, check. Picked out wedding bands, check. Invitations in, check. Pretty overall successful! Now to the fun part, running!

So last week I ran.. 9 miles… blerg. I say that 1. because it’s disappointing and 2. because I was supposed to have a long run on Saturday but it rained/snowed all day so I moved it to Sunday, therefore disqualifying it from being “last week”

Last week in terms of running/working out and eating was.. bleh. But  I will say this: Friday I was supposed to run outside after I made my last post, but then it down poured. So I put off my run the rest of the day, just napping and laying around. When I was about to say “forget this run” I looked online here at the blog and I saw a couple “good luck on your run’s!” and I thought that I couldn’t lie to you good people, so I ran downstairs in our super tiny and hot exercise room in my building! So thank you for encouraging me 🙂

So I felt my running grove back and wanted to long run on Saturday but it was raining so hard and it was freezing. Plus my shin was throbbing all day. So I ran Sunday.

And it was cold! And I didn’t want to, and there were these little rolling hills that made me mad, and for the first 3 miles my left shin felt like it was going to just fall off and I was dragging my leg. But I kept trucking. And slowly but surely I finished my 7 miles for the day, and I literally can’t think of a better way to start a day! Or a week for that matter!

So I am reenergized. I start my new job tomorrow, it’s going to be a pretty great week weather wise, and I am ready to roll. I am going to give meal planning a shot, as well as exercise planning. Instead of just going to the gym whenever and doing whatever. We shall see!

I also snapped a pic of me before  I went  downstairs for my Friday run. I am trying to not have a blog post without a pic hence forcing me to take more pics.



Gotta love those Mizunos 🙂 Have a great week!




I want to buy all the running gear

Am I the only one? I honestly cannot be. I am sitting here waiting for all of my stuff to charge so  I can go on a run, and I realize how much I hate my stupid Nathan’s brand belt that I wear to put my phone and keys in. It is wayyy too small, and I have seen some of my favorite blogs try out the flip belt and now I want one LIKE NO OTHER. Especially because it is only $28.99, which to me is not a totally unreasonable price. I can spend $30 without feeling super bad. Why can’t it be $40 or above? I have a tough time when it gets to 40.. ACK.

Then Monica over at had to post today about how her favorite Moving Comfort shorts which I have been wanting to try for a while are on sale today! They are $35 which ONCE AGAIN I don’t have the biggest deal spending. But I really want them.

I swear I could browse the internet all day for new gear. I need someone to smack my hand away!

Off to run for a little to enjoy it being 50 degrees for .3 seconds! Literally I have 3 hours before a cold front blows in.. thanks Ohio..

There’s no such thing as looking too early..

.. when it comes to dogs! Today we went to go look for my mom’s dress for the wedding, and when we got to the salon the absolute CUTEST dog was there! Turns out it is called a Wheaten Terrier and it is at the top of my list of dog’s to scoop up now! Sure, the rules are now that I can’t get a dog for around a year, because I have to see how this new job is going to do throughout busy season (Jan-April) of next year, and we have to have the wedding and everything and just enjoy us for a time, but it never hurt to look right 🙂

Nothing super exciting happened yesterday! Just the basics. And today’s workout consisted of burpees and pushups. It was a long travel day so I figured I would just do that and call it a day! Not that those are easy, because seriously, they are not.

In other news the weather is starting to perk up, it was 47 in the Cleve today! Here we come spring!!

SO one of my new favorite blogs HAS  to be ! Go over there and see her diet forreal though. She is healthy healthy and has some very interesting veggies and meals! Also she runs all that high mileage, which is as close that I have seen yet to my all time favorite blog SkinnyRunner, even though alas she has departed from the blog world! Nothing gets my butt out the door faster then reading a post where a woman just ran 20 miles, or over 100 a week. I know that is a little much, but I just think it’s really empowering and it seriously pumps me up. I cannot wait for the day when I can hit double digits whenever I want like it’s no big deal. But wait, I guess I have to run to make that happen..hmm.. my long run this weekend should help! (and by long I mean 7 miles, which is long for me.. haha)

And I know you didn’t think I would leave you without a picture of my new favorite dog breed, did you ? 🙂



This girl is 28 pounds of love, and great for apartment living! And honestly, who could say no to those eyes… I would gladly accept a girlie like this if someone has an extra laying around 🙂






Home is where the dog is

Howdy from my parents house! Also my puppy’s house. He is not a puppy anymore, he is almost 2 and an 85 pound lab, and he is my favorite. I wish I could steal him with me always. I could write a love song for you about Toby but I will spare you.

Anyway today  I tried on my wedding dress! It was fun and it is so beautiful and I love it, but I did see how much work I had to do still. Not a ton, but I am not 100% yet. Fun stuff though seriously it is my dream dress and I have some awesome accessories!

I ate like poo today as well though. Weird as I started out the day seeing all the work I had to do to be super ready for my wedding dress. I know, I stink at complaining and not doing, but I digress.

Yesterdays workout: I ran another 3.1 and did arms and some abs. I took today off running because I am exhausted and I wanted to rest my calves for a sec again just to check in. My speed is still pretty good but I really need to build up mileage for my half at the beginning of May. If  I can run 3.1 at least two more days this week plus a 7 mile long run I will feel pretty good. I feel like I have a pretty good icing and compression system. Also something that has been doing WONDERS for me is elevation of my legs? Let me take a sec and describe what I mean before we start jumping to things haha! At night once last week and last night, I went to my guy’s apartment to read my current book, where he has this awesome reclining chair next to the wall, so I put my legs up on the wall and read for like a half hour or so. It is pretty amazing at taking away any throbbing in my lower leg after runs. I need to research that more I guess.

Anyhoo I will end with a picture of my baby Toby!


we call this his “Rocky the Squirrel” because of the cartoon about the flying squirrel. I have never seen a dog lay like this past the tiny puppy phase, but that is my weirdo for ya. So handsome!

Big Week!

Well this week will be a big week for many reasons: 1. Last week not working (aka enjoying me laziness), 2. I try on my wedding dress tomorrow (50 million nerves) 3. My diet needs to kick butt this week 4. Running is back in full force! 5. My first wedding shower is this weekend. So lets cover all these things then.

Well the laziness is pretty self explanatory, some last minute wedding kind of stuff bleh bleh, although I am feeling pretty good about all that stuff. Right now I am just rolling with the punches honestly, I am so excited to get married, be married, start my life with my love that I feel the only thing this wedding really needs is the love I feel for him and for everyone who comes to celebrate with us! At the end of the day our energy will affect everyone else’s energy/ experience. So lets go man!

In terms of wedding dress, oh man. So many feelings. I have lost probably like 11 pounds since choosing the dress, and we ordered a dress that fit me then too. I refused to order my dream dress in some imaginary size when who really knows where I will end up! But I am really hoping that the dress will be loose and need alterations, ya know? Just so I can feel like I have made progress. And even though 11 pounds may not sound like much to some people (who have lost major weight which is seriously amazing!) I have been doing a lot of strength training too. So that means building muscle and reshaping my body! I am happy with how a look, just some toning now, hoping to lose a minimum of 5 more pounds. Also, this dress is my dream dress. It’s beautiful and  I cannot weight to slip into it with my shoes on now, and just feel like a princess! 🙂

I guess that also kind of covers the diet thing. I wanted to start watching again last week but that fell through. So today is gonna be it!

In terms of running, I ran a total of 7.5 miles last week (I know it’s not too much), and yesterday I ran 3.1 and hopefully today I will as well, along with some arms and abs! Oh these wedding arms man. If I don’t lose a pound more I at least want my arms to tone up a bit more.

And I guess with the start of the wedding showers ( I am having 2, one with my  fiancé’s family who are from a different part of the state, and one with my family) it just signals the start of wedding festivities! We are under 3 months now and I cannot believe it. Time flies so fast.

And just for good measure (I am trying to include one picture in every post) here is a picture of the lake from an observation tower we were in yesterday.



I know, I know just what you were hoping to see. I just give the people what they want 🙂 haha

Running and Reading

So yesterday I went back to the gym and ran a wopping 2.5 miles! I am happy with that amount even though I still felt some pain, but it seems less and less each day.  I think I will stay at 2.5 miles again at least for today. Those miles were followed by a few sprints and then arm day. And we can’t forget some leg lifts for good measure! I have dreams of for once having a flat stomach this summer. Also today I think I am going to go back to counting calories, which I have been very loose with for probably the last 2 weeks. I just really have a few more pounds to go (under 10) until my wedding weight, so I might as well keep this party going. But I have maintained nicely, eating a lot more then I was. So that is always a plus!

When I came home from the gym I foam rolled my shin in the spot that hurt and it always feels better after I do that. Actually today I woke up and it feels like I pushed the spot that hurt down to my ankle? Is that a thing? I thought foam rolling was just to massage the muscles, but then I saw something about lactic acid buildup? I really have no idea I wish someone could explain that to me! Still so much to learn.

In other news, I brought up a few days ago about books that I am starting to read to make myself more well read. I am doing this mostly because I felt like my brain was decaying. That is not an awesome feeling! I just spend too much time browsing the internet and reading celebrity gossip and watching tv. So I am almost halfway through my second book and I figured I would post the link of the books I am reading, as well as the next ones I have coming up!

Now some of them I have already read (this counts books I read in high school boom. ) and some I won’t read, like 50 shades I don’t really feel I am missing out on that haha


These are the first 3 I picked up from the library. I read Heart of Darkness and no I will not review because I am not fancy or smart. I am halfway through Things Fall Apart and I never did read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school, our class did The Scarlett Letter instead. Next up I will be reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Wuthering Heights, and The Age of Innocence. I am hoping to get through 2 small books or 1 big book a week. We will see what happens when I start working again..

Happy Camper!

So yesterday in the midst of all of the good dayness, I actually went to the gym and ran a mile and a half! It felt good, doesn’t appear that I have lost any speed (I use the word speed lightly of course). I had to tell myself to stop at a mile and a half, because I am just easing into it. I felt like I could’ve run an extra 8.5 miles after my mile and a half but it’s really ok. My knee is still being whatever, and my shin (you must be sick of hearing all this) but they don’t really hurt today and I only felt them for a little bit after my run, so I think I just need to get on the treadmill/ outside if it isn’t 4 degrees and keep running a little bit. I will be ok. Finished up with a few sprints and some leg lifts, pushups, dips. Got to keep those wedding arms in mind from here until June 21! 🙂

Then I rushed straight home, showered, and got ready for a lovely date/ celebration at the Cheesecake Factory! I even snapped a pic of my fine fine Midwestern style for you guys!


I know, a cardigan and a scarf, so original! But I was rockin a little color at least, in hopes that I can force spring to come out by totally denying that it’s cold/ gloomy anymore. Of course though, I did just finish my super intense mile and a half workout before I went to dinner, so I had to rock these guys too:


It’s important to compress guys! Oh my gosh the sarcasm is overwhelming really. I did something else fun yesterday, in my excitement about the job, I ordered a Birchbox! I have heard so much about them and finally decided that I need a little help in the beauty department and should give it a try. It’s $10 every month and they send you little samples of hair/makeup stuff according to a little profile you fill out. I have one hair and makeup routine (see picture 1) that I do whenever I need to look presentable. I just have awful hair. As well as awful skin. But I do have blue eyes that I love just to keep things positive around here! Anyway, yesterday was a fun day all around. Happy camper over here!!