So basically I think I hurt my shins real bad. I got excited about being able to run more and faster, as well as new shoes, and I hurt myself. I think I just need rest as well as compression socks and ice. BUT  STILL I is sad cause I would like to run a lot please. Also Drew told me that the weather might be starting to get consistently warmer (FINALLY) and I want to run outside, so I should probably just chill out and ice. I am going to the gym though, I think today I will just ride the bike, and then maybe do my leg workout cause my arms are still sore from my arm workout on Saturday. Maybe throw in some abs.

Also, fun fact, supposedly I gained 5 pounds? I was down 11 pounds, did a “whatever I’m not really dieting” weekend like always, and supposedly I gained 5 pounds. I am choosing to believe that is not true. Because I am so excited because when I was down 11 pounds I only had like 7 pounds left until my wedding weight!!! Also I love lifting, my arms always looked fat and awful, and I am FINALLY  starting to get more confident about them thanks to lifting. DO IT!

Another fun fact: I have been reading a lot about these Quest bars online on my many many many blogs that I read. They are the new hot protein bar. So I bought some (you can get them at GNC) and they are pretty good! Also I may or may not be eating them as meals which probably isn’t healthy, so I made a decision that if I eat one I have to eat some sort of fruit or veggie with it. But I think you should get them and keep them in your purse or whatever, because they seriously keep me full for what feels like forever.


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