Overpronation, supronation wha?

So basically I have been reading a lot about shoes and running and bleh bleh, and how I land on the outside of my foot which is called overpronation even though the lady at the running store told me I had supronation? Anyway, after reading I kind of decided that I think my shoes are fine, and I just need to heal my calves ( which are getting much better I think I will run tomorrow ) and say forget all this crap. I feel like people run around all over the place and don’t think about their feet this much haha! Yesterday was my first gym workout without running or sprints I did the bike and man was it boring. I barely even broke a sweat. I miss it! Also it is supposed to be getting warmer this week so maybe an outdoor run is in order. I bought a foam roller, because supposedly runners are supposed to have those. Man, when people advertise they must be advertising directly to me. I am such an easy sell!

Diet wise, I am slowly coming down those weird 5 pounds I gained over the weekend. I think I just get SO BLOATED from eating out, so I imagine I will be back to my weight loss self in no time. Instructions for continuing: do not eat out two days in a row! I wasn’t even eating that many calories I think it’s just all the salt and stuff that’s in the food. I like eating better and feeling more in control anyway.

I am currently in the process of hopefully narrowing down which advocare products I think are really fab, and which I might not have to buy anymore. It’s kinda hard, but basically I know two of them that I really like, and two of them that I cannot decide what the benefits or if they are helping. But I know the spark (energy drink) which is like the cornerstone of their whole company I do not like haha I guess I just like coffee better, and I don’t feel anything from it.

Keep on keeping on!


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