Probably injured

So this weekend I  ran 3 miles on Saturday and 2 yesterday anddddd I think I am injured. The minute I put my foot down on the ground, I feel a shin splint pain. I was literally going to run 8 miles this morning and push through then take the rest of the week off, but then I read about how I could get a stress fracture andddd no bueno. I secretly think I might have a little one anyway, because there is one specific spot that hurts. But as the idiot that I am I am going to pretend that I don’t, just wear compression socks all the time ( I currently have two on my left foot, oh so tight ) and cross train at least until next Monday. To say I am sad panda would be an understatement. I would love to be outside running. Also in a month in a half I have a half marathon, and I cannot risk being more injured for that. So I will just eat well this week, foam roll, compress, and cry I suppose. Actually I will be ok.

I have completed a lot of wedding stuff today with invitiations as the next big deal. There are approx. 50,000,000 invitation options and they are all too expensive. I also think I sent out the last save the dates today so that’s awesome! The wedding is in about 3 months.. and I am just finishing those… man am I the worst. But I will be ahead from now on!

I also ate like poo this weekend, but I don’t feel bad about it anymore. That is because I long to eat better as I am eating badly. So today I COULD NOT WAIT to slam some fruit and stay healthy. Probably the rest of the week. I think I am starting to change for good and that makes me happy. Also I think I am going to change the name of this blog, to something else. Maybe I will make this the real deal. Who knows.


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