Here comes my wedding dress

So the blizzard ended and that was fantastic… not so fantastic? My eating. Today was not a good day on that front. I also got a call that my wedding dress came in and I need to try that on soon and I have at least 5 more pounds to lose before that so this cannot be good I repeat THIS CANNOT BE GOOD. I am trying not to be too hard on myself because I try to stay happy with my balance with food and just try to eat to be healthy. I hate total restriction, it doesn’t work for me. And I find it much easier to be successful on my eating plan if I just accept that their are good days and bad days. I am not even going to workout formally today, just do a lot of burpees I think. I do them in sets of 10, and I am going to try to squeeze out 4 of those sets right here as soon as I am done. I thoroughly enjoy burpees actually because I feel they are a good test of my overall fitness. I remember this summer I couldn’t get through 7 without a LONG break and now I can really get through 10 no problem. Today was just an ugh day on all fronts. UGH.

But yesterday! Yesterday was more ok. I have to post about yesterday because I actually have a picture in incorporate. I had a bagel craving like no other yesterday so I drove over in a break from the blizzard to grab one from Starbucks. Then I went all “health food  blogger” on it as I say. Hopefully someone understands what I mean when they see this bad boy.



So first I put almond butter down (food blogger essential, even though I stress I AM NOT ONE OH MY) then some reduced fat cream cheese. Followed by a nice sliced up banana and some cinnamon on top. Hey at least I made my bagel craving a meal right? If there is anything that healthy living blogs have taught me, its that you mix all of the flavors together. Seriously, all of them. Check check. 

Injury report: not feeling my shin/calf pain anymore, still compressing and taking time off. The lack of running seriously effects my overall fitness happiness. I guess you could say I am officially hooked. I did do some bike and then my leg workout at the gym yesterday where I temporarily hurt my knee. I was being all  dramatic and sad, and then some smart guy I know was all like “hey Tayler, take some ibuprofen” and then I did and since then it has been all better. Go smart guys, they are seriously the best. Long post signing off for the night!



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