My First Trip to Trader Joe’s and A Run

So today was a very exciting day. Mostly because A. I think it hit 50 degrees here in the Cleve and B. I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time ever!! My main man has been there multiple times, it’s right next to his work and gym, and it’s only like 15 minutes from me and I have never been. But all that changed today, and I have many opinions let me tell ya.

First of all I shouldn’t have been allowed to go alone, untimed. Good Lord I am a browser and also the worlds worst grocery shopper/ shopper in general. I either buy nothing or all of the things. Most of the time (like today) it’s all of the things. I have heard so much about the great prices, and man was I impressed! But that may have lead me to buy a bunch of super random stuff that I have seen on other blogs and what not so #fail. Price point wise I  still spent what I normally would for 2 weeks of groceries (I try to only go every 2 weeks because of how ya know I spend all of the money on all of things) BUT I do think I probably got more stuff? Yeah I definitely did. Plus the people were SUPER  nice and helpful. So for lunch today (late lunch I just got back) I had approximately one of everything I bought at TJ’s. It’s a;; healthy for you right? No additives? Sike. Oh well it was all delicious and it is getting me away from only eating quest bars for every meal which I did until I ran out yesterday and then swore them off! Ok for at least like a day or two..

Anyhoo so to recap yesterday I did actually go on a run, and guess what! The shin is still hurting in the one spot. So I just decided maybe it needs to be worked out. I am going to just keep icing and foam rolling and running and trying. Also compressing we all know I loveeee that. It was quite the miserable run though man. It was like no degrees outside for one, and the wind oh my the wind! So cold. The lake is beautiful to look at but that wind is a killer. I ran 1 mile. Don’t laugh. It was cold and I really just wanted to start the running party slowly. I feel successful regardless of opinions!

Anyways I am off to put this amazing hummus away so it doesn’t keep staring at me. I hate when food does that how rude..


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