It’s a good day

Hey it’s the last day before spring! And even though its grey the lake is actually melting a little so I am a happy camper.


(See that melted part past the white arctic tundra? yay!)

For more then one reason today is a great day actually, I got a new job today yay! No need to go into details just that it is a good day that will be celebrated with some exercise and some Cheesecake Factory! That’s the best way right? Right.

Yesterday I did not exercise because I am a lazy pants. A big lazy pants. I actually don’t know why I just wish someone could tell me what this pain in my knee and my shin meant. I am very confused. Also my half marathon is in a month in a half and I have only done a 6 mile run one time SO I should start on that I guess. I have done shorter runs obvi but nothing over 3 miles. It wouldn’t be true Tayler fashion unless I did everything last minute. (One major flaw)

What I did do yesterday was eat some of these:


Those are macaroons from Trader Joe’s. I have never had a macaroon but they are Blair from Gossip Girl’s favorite dessert and I needed them when I saw them. They were delicious by the way and are doing a great job of reminding me that I am  hungry for lunch. See ya on the flip side!


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