Running and Reading

So yesterday I went back to the gym and ran a wopping 2.5 miles! I am happy with that amount even though I still felt some pain, but it seems less and less each day.  I think I will stay at 2.5 miles again at least for today. Those miles were followed by a few sprints and then arm day. And we can’t forget some leg lifts for good measure! I have dreams of for once having a flat stomach this summer. Also today I think I am going to go back to counting calories, which I have been very loose with for probably the last 2 weeks. I just really have a few more pounds to go (under 10) until my wedding weight, so I might as well keep this party going. But I have maintained nicely, eating a lot more then I was. So that is always a plus!

When I came home from the gym I foam rolled my shin in the spot that hurt and it always feels better after I do that. Actually today I woke up and it feels like I pushed the spot that hurt down to my ankle? Is that a thing? I thought foam rolling was just to massage the muscles, but then I saw something about lactic acid buildup? I really have no idea I wish someone could explain that to me! Still so much to learn.

In other news, I brought up a few days ago about books that I am starting to read to make myself more well read. I am doing this mostly because I felt like my brain was decaying. That is not an awesome feeling! I just spend too much time browsing the internet and reading celebrity gossip and watching tv. So I am almost halfway through my second book and I figured I would post the link of the books I am reading, as well as the next ones I have coming up!

Now some of them I have already read (this counts books I read in high school boom. ) and some I won’t read, like 50 shades I don’t really feel I am missing out on that haha


These are the first 3 I picked up from the library. I read Heart of Darkness and no I will not review because I am not fancy or smart. I am halfway through Things Fall Apart and I never did read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school, our class did The Scarlett Letter instead. Next up I will be reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Wuthering Heights, and The Age of Innocence. I am hoping to get through 2 small books or 1 big book a week. We will see what happens when I start working again..


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