Big Week!

Well this week will be a big week for many reasons: 1. Last week not working (aka enjoying me laziness), 2. I try on my wedding dress tomorrow (50 million nerves) 3. My diet needs to kick butt this week 4. Running is back in full force! 5. My first wedding shower is this weekend. So lets cover all these things then.

Well the laziness is pretty self explanatory, some last minute wedding kind of stuff bleh bleh, although I am feeling pretty good about all that stuff. Right now I am just rolling with the punches honestly, I am so excited to get married, be married, start my life with my love that I feel the only thing this wedding really needs is the love I feel for him and for everyone who comes to celebrate with us! At the end of the day our energy will affect everyone else’s energy/ experience. So lets go man!

In terms of wedding dress, oh man. So many feelings. I have lost probably like 11 pounds since choosing the dress, and we ordered a dress that fit me then too. I refused to order my dream dress in some imaginary size when who really knows where I will end up! But I am really hoping that the dress will be loose and need alterations, ya know? Just so I can feel like I have made progress. And even though 11 pounds may not sound like much to some people (who have lost major weight which is seriously amazing!) I have been doing a lot of strength training too. So that means building muscle and reshaping my body! I am happy with how a look, just some toning now, hoping to lose a minimum of 5 more pounds. Also, this dress is my dream dress. It’s beautiful and  I cannot weight to slip into it with my shoes on now, and just feel like a princess! 🙂

I guess that also kind of covers the diet thing. I wanted to start watching again last week but that fell through. So today is gonna be it!

In terms of running, I ran a total of 7.5 miles last week (I know it’s not too much), and yesterday I ran 3.1 and hopefully today I will as well, along with some arms and abs! Oh these wedding arms man. If I don’t lose a pound more I at least want my arms to tone up a bit more.

And I guess with the start of the wedding showers ( I am having 2, one with my  fiancé’s family who are from a different part of the state, and one with my family) it just signals the start of wedding festivities! We are under 3 months now and I cannot believe it. Time flies so fast.

And just for good measure (I am trying to include one picture in every post) here is a picture of the lake from an observation tower we were in yesterday.



I know, I know just what you were hoping to see. I just give the people what they want 🙂 haha


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