Home is where the dog is

Howdy from my parents house! Also my puppy’s house. He is not a puppy anymore, he is almost 2 and an 85 pound lab, and he is my favorite. I wish I could steal him with me always. I could write a love song for you about Toby but I will spare you.

Anyway today  I tried on my wedding dress! It was fun and it is so beautiful and I love it, but I did see how much work I had to do still. Not a ton, but I am not 100% yet. Fun stuff though seriously it is my dream dress and I have some awesome accessories!

I ate like poo today as well though. Weird as I started out the day seeing all the work I had to do to be super ready for my wedding dress. I know, I stink at complaining and not doing, but I digress.

Yesterdays workout: I ran another 3.1 and did arms and some abs. I took today off running because I am exhausted and I wanted to rest my calves for a sec again just to check in. My speed is still pretty good but I really need to build up mileage for my half at the beginning of May. If  I can run 3.1 at least two more days this week plus a 7 mile long run I will feel pretty good. I feel like I have a pretty good icing and compression system. Also something that has been doing WONDERS for me is elevation of my legs? Let me take a sec and describe what I mean before we start jumping to things haha! At night once last week and last night, I went to my guy’s apartment to read my current book, where he has this awesome reclining chair next to the wall, so I put my legs up on the wall and read for like a half hour or so. It is pretty amazing at taking away any throbbing in my lower leg after runs. I need to research that more I guess.

Anyhoo I will end with a picture of my baby Toby!


we call this his “Rocky the Squirrel” because of the cartoon about the flying squirrel. I have never seen a dog lay like this past the tiny puppy phase, but that is my weirdo for ya. So handsome!


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