Start my week off right!

Busy weekend I suppose! First wedding shower, check. Picked out wedding bands, check. Invitations in, check. Pretty overall successful! Now to the fun part, running!

So last week I ran.. 9 miles… blerg. I say that 1. because it’s disappointing and 2. because I was supposed to have a long run on Saturday but it rained/snowed all day so I moved it to Sunday, therefore disqualifying it from being “last week”

Last week in terms of running/working out and eating was.. bleh. But  I will say this: Friday I was supposed to run outside after I made my last post, but then it down poured. So I put off my run the rest of the day, just napping and laying around. When I was about to say “forget this run” I looked online here at the blog and I saw a couple “good luck on your run’s!” and I thought that I couldn’t lie to you good people, so I ran downstairs in our super tiny and hot exercise room in my building! So thank you for encouraging me 🙂

So I felt my running grove back and wanted to long run on Saturday but it was raining so hard and it was freezing. Plus my shin was throbbing all day. So I ran Sunday.

And it was cold! And I didn’t want to, and there were these little rolling hills that made me mad, and for the first 3 miles my left shin felt like it was going to just fall off and I was dragging my leg. But I kept trucking. And slowly but surely I finished my 7 miles for the day, and I literally can’t think of a better way to start a day! Or a week for that matter!

So I am reenergized. I start my new job tomorrow, it’s going to be a pretty great week weather wise, and I am ready to roll. I am going to give meal planning a shot, as well as exercise planning. Instead of just going to the gym whenever and doing whatever. We shall see!

I also snapped a pic of me before  I went  downstairs for my Friday run. I am trying to not have a blog post without a pic hence forcing me to take more pics.



Gotta love those Mizunos 🙂 Have a great week!




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