So today I did something spontaneous/ exciting! I bought an unlimited pass to Pure Barre for the month! I have heard about barre for a long time, but for some reason  I never looked to see if there was one near me? But today I heard about it at work, and when my coworker said “I really saw a difference in my arms and lower abs” I said sign me up. So I just sprung for it and did it! Nothing like already paying for something to really force you to go through with it.

I went to my first class tonight and it was for sure different then anything I have ever been too. I am used to running and getting really sweaty, and I really wasn’t that way tonight. Well that could be because I could only do about half the class! With the small pulsing movements my muscles literally worked so hard they couldn’t hold it anymore! It was a pretty cool feeling, and I loved that there were little stretch breaks intermixed in the class. At the end of the class, I walked out and just said “ouch”. All my muscles were exhausted. It was awesome. I have a feeling this will also really help build core strength for running, while also increasing my flexibility! Great all around in my book.


And to end on a cute note, here is a picture of my baby Toby puppy attempting to play with his “brother” my bunny Doofy. Toby loves him so, and Doofy could really not care less. Have a great night!



It’s been a while..

So I may actually suck at this whole blog writing thing! Actually I think I just suck at doing things unless I am on a schedule, and I work them into my  schedule. So good news! I now have a schedule haha. All this week I have done morning workouts, and while I have been consistently tiredddd I know it can only get better. I try to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time, and I think I am doing ok with it. Luckily I had today off for Good Friday, so I can squeeze in my long run before the weekend at the in laws! Hopefully tomorrow  I can do maybe just 3 miles or something there. But as for today I have nine miles on the agenda. Also I don’t have any GU or anything so that’s fun Tayler. 9 miles is a longgg run for me, so I should probably bring something,  but I guess not today.

I have really been all about the running, and trying to keep to it. The Pittsburgh Half is in 16 days eek! I am very excited, mostly because I still get to go into the race with the same goal: Just finishing. It’s relaxing and I just have to keep reminding myself how blessed I am that I get to run (jog slowly) around towns. Also that I get to buy running gear. I am really really excited for this summer in terms of running, and I have set some goals for myself I think are attainable.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, just saying that I am indeed back 🙂 I promise!

Ok I think I need a schedule

This week has flown by seriously! I started my new job, and so far I really like it! But it did make me realize one thing: I really need to schedule my life now. I was so used to just doing whatever, whenever, and all this week I was just tired and lazy! (as seen here on the blog, or lack there of… lol) So today after work I went out and bought a planner which I hadn’t done this year yet, and I feel so much better! I have scheduled my runs and workouts, and frankly love the organization. I felt like I was slipping out of control and wasn’t going to be able to do anything, and then I’m like “hey, lets do this planning thing everyone keeps talking about. Your life isn’t that hard, you can just do what everyone else does.” So I did. And now I am happy.


Me, jamming and attempting to work, typical.

In other news involving my planner, I am officially going to become a morning workout-er, and have scheduled all of my workouts with times. I plan to document that here to kind of keep me going because frankly my down time taught me that my workouts are my key to my sanity. I cannot let them slip, and at the end of the day I want nothing more then just to come home and sit on my butt. So if anyone has any tips/mantras they tell themselves about their morning workouts, please let me know!

I just had to check in here to make sure all know I have not run away, I am still kicking, and I also happened to squeeze in 14 miles this week. Not quite where I want to be, but still moving up. I have an 8 mile run calling my name tomorrow! Bring itttt 🙂 Have a great weekend!