Big Week!

Well this week will be a big week for many reasons: 1. Last week not working (aka enjoying me laziness), 2. I try on my wedding dress tomorrow (50 million nerves) 3. My diet needs to kick butt this week 4. Running is back in full force! 5. My first wedding shower is this weekend. So lets cover all these things then.

Well the laziness is pretty self explanatory, some last minute wedding kind of stuff bleh bleh, although I am feeling pretty good about all that stuff. Right now I am just rolling with the punches honestly, I am so excited to get married, be married, start my life with my love that I feel the only thing this wedding really needs is the love I feel for him and for everyone who comes to celebrate with us! At the end of the day our energy will affect everyone else’s energy/ experience. So lets go man!

In terms of wedding dress, oh man. So many feelings. I have lost probably like 11 pounds since choosing the dress, and we ordered a dress that fit me then too. I refused to order my dream dress in some imaginary size when who really knows where I will end up! But I am really hoping that the dress will be loose and need alterations, ya know? Just so I can feel like I have made progress. And even though 11 pounds may not sound like much to some people (who have lost major weight which is seriously amazing!) I have been doing a lot of strength training too. So that means building muscle and reshaping my body! I am happy with how a look, just some toning now, hoping to lose a minimum of 5 more pounds. Also, this dress is my dream dress. It’s beautiful and  I cannot weight to slip into it with my shoes on now, and just feel like a princess! 🙂

I guess that also kind of covers the diet thing. I wanted to start watching again last week but that fell through. So today is gonna be it!

In terms of running, I ran a total of 7.5 miles last week (I know it’s not too much), and yesterday I ran 3.1 and hopefully today I will as well, along with some arms and abs! Oh these wedding arms man. If I don’t lose a pound more I at least want my arms to tone up a bit more.

And I guess with the start of the wedding showers ( I am having 2, one with my  fiancé’s family who are from a different part of the state, and one with my family) it just signals the start of wedding festivities! We are under 3 months now and I cannot believe it. Time flies so fast.

And just for good measure (I am trying to include one picture in every post) here is a picture of the lake from an observation tower we were in yesterday.



I know, I know just what you were hoping to see. I just give the people what they want 🙂 haha


Running and Reading

So yesterday I went back to the gym and ran a wopping 2.5 miles! I am happy with that amount even though I still felt some pain, but it seems less and less each day.  I think I will stay at 2.5 miles again at least for today. Those miles were followed by a few sprints and then arm day. And we can’t forget some leg lifts for good measure! I have dreams of for once having a flat stomach this summer. Also today I think I am going to go back to counting calories, which I have been very loose with for probably the last 2 weeks. I just really have a few more pounds to go (under 10) until my wedding weight, so I might as well keep this party going. But I have maintained nicely, eating a lot more then I was. So that is always a plus!

When I came home from the gym I foam rolled my shin in the spot that hurt and it always feels better after I do that. Actually today I woke up and it feels like I pushed the spot that hurt down to my ankle? Is that a thing? I thought foam rolling was just to massage the muscles, but then I saw something about lactic acid buildup? I really have no idea I wish someone could explain that to me! Still so much to learn.

In other news, I brought up a few days ago about books that I am starting to read to make myself more well read. I am doing this mostly because I felt like my brain was decaying. That is not an awesome feeling! I just spend too much time browsing the internet and reading celebrity gossip and watching tv. So I am almost halfway through my second book and I figured I would post the link of the books I am reading, as well as the next ones I have coming up!

Now some of them I have already read (this counts books I read in high school boom. ) and some I won’t read, like 50 shades I don’t really feel I am missing out on that haha


These are the first 3 I picked up from the library. I read Heart of Darkness and no I will not review because I am not fancy or smart. I am halfway through Things Fall Apart and I never did read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school, our class did The Scarlett Letter instead. Next up I will be reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Wuthering Heights, and The Age of Innocence. I am hoping to get through 2 small books or 1 big book a week. We will see what happens when I start working again..

Happy Camper!

So yesterday in the midst of all of the good dayness, I actually went to the gym and ran a mile and a half! It felt good, doesn’t appear that I have lost any speed (I use the word speed lightly of course). I had to tell myself to stop at a mile and a half, because I am just easing into it. I felt like I could’ve run an extra 8.5 miles after my mile and a half but it’s really ok. My knee is still being whatever, and my shin (you must be sick of hearing all this) but they don’t really hurt today and I only felt them for a little bit after my run, so I think I just need to get on the treadmill/ outside if it isn’t 4 degrees and keep running a little bit. I will be ok. Finished up with a few sprints and some leg lifts, pushups, dips. Got to keep those wedding arms in mind from here until June 21! 🙂

Then I rushed straight home, showered, and got ready for a lovely date/ celebration at the Cheesecake Factory! I even snapped a pic of my fine fine Midwestern style for you guys!


I know, a cardigan and a scarf, so original! But I was rockin a little color at least, in hopes that I can force spring to come out by totally denying that it’s cold/ gloomy anymore. Of course though, I did just finish my super intense mile and a half workout before I went to dinner, so I had to rock these guys too:


It’s important to compress guys! Oh my gosh the sarcasm is overwhelming really. I did something else fun yesterday, in my excitement about the job, I ordered a Birchbox! I have heard so much about them and finally decided that I need a little help in the beauty department and should give it a try. It’s $10 every month and they send you little samples of hair/makeup stuff according to a little profile you fill out. I have one hair and makeup routine (see picture 1) that I do whenever I need to look presentable. I just have awful hair. As well as awful skin. But I do have blue eyes that I love just to keep things positive around here! Anyway, yesterday was a fun day all around. Happy camper over here!!

It’s a good day

Hey it’s the last day before spring! And even though its grey the lake is actually melting a little so I am a happy camper.


(See that melted part past the white arctic tundra? yay!)

For more then one reason today is a great day actually, I got a new job today yay! No need to go into details just that it is a good day that will be celebrated with some exercise and some Cheesecake Factory! That’s the best way right? Right.

Yesterday I did not exercise because I am a lazy pants. A big lazy pants. I actually don’t know why I just wish someone could tell me what this pain in my knee and my shin meant. I am very confused. Also my half marathon is in a month in a half and I have only done a 6 mile run one time SO I should start on that I guess. I have done shorter runs obvi but nothing over 3 miles. It wouldn’t be true Tayler fashion unless I did everything last minute. (One major flaw)

What I did do yesterday was eat some of these:


Those are macaroons from Trader Joe’s. I have never had a macaroon but they are Blair from Gossip Girl’s favorite dessert and I needed them when I saw them. They were delicious by the way and are doing a great job of reminding me that I am  hungry for lunch. See ya on the flip side!

My First Trip to Trader Joe’s and A Run

So today was a very exciting day. Mostly because A. I think it hit 50 degrees here in the Cleve and B. I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time ever!! My main man has been there multiple times, it’s right next to his work and gym, and it’s only like 15 minutes from me and I have never been. But all that changed today, and I have many opinions let me tell ya.

First of all I shouldn’t have been allowed to go alone, untimed. Good Lord I am a browser and also the worlds worst grocery shopper/ shopper in general. I either buy nothing or all of the things. Most of the time (like today) it’s all of the things. I have heard so much about the great prices, and man was I impressed! But that may have lead me to buy a bunch of super random stuff that I have seen on other blogs and what not so #fail. Price point wise I  still spent what I normally would for 2 weeks of groceries (I try to only go every 2 weeks because of how ya know I spend all of the money on all of things) BUT I do think I probably got more stuff? Yeah I definitely did. Plus the people were SUPER  nice and helpful. So for lunch today (late lunch I just got back) I had approximately one of everything I bought at TJ’s. It’s a;; healthy for you right? No additives? Sike. Oh well it was all delicious and it is getting me away from only eating quest bars for every meal which I did until I ran out yesterday and then swore them off! Ok for at least like a day or two..

Anyhoo so to recap yesterday I did actually go on a run, and guess what! The shin is still hurting in the one spot. So I just decided maybe it needs to be worked out. I am going to just keep icing and foam rolling and running and trying. Also compressing we all know I loveeee that. It was quite the miserable run though man. It was like no degrees outside for one, and the wind oh my the wind! So cold. The lake is beautiful to look at but that wind is a killer. I ran 1 mile. Don’t laugh. It was cold and I really just wanted to start the running party slowly. I feel successful regardless of opinions!

Anyways I am off to put this amazing hummus away so it doesn’t keep staring at me. I hate when food does that how rude..

Running Tomorrow

So I am definitely going to try running again tomorrow! There is still a part of my shin that hurts, but I am just going to start slow 2 miles with foam rolling, repeat. I think as long as I start low mileage with good care of my legs I’ll be ok, but I think rest was a good deal too. Plus in my boredness I find a great arm workout from another blogger that KILLED, I am still sore and I did it on Friday, ouch. So all in all pretty good! Interview tomorrow am then hopefully a run is in the works! 🙂

Maybe this week I will spend a little more time trying to figure out more about this blogging thing too. I like easing into it and just playing around. But we shall see, this week is looking more busy by the moment with wedding invitation ordering being a top priority, followed by more interviews/ jobs hunting, running again, spring cleaning the apartment for sure, and reading more books.

I am trying to read at least almost 50% through a book list I found online of 100 books that make you well read. Maybe 1 book a week (even though I already read some which I counting!) to try to open up my mind a little. I opened up a library card today (which was AWESOME 🙂 ) and picked up: Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart, and To Kill a Mockingbird (which no I never did read in school) so I am hoping to finish maybe 2 books this week to kick things off. I love to read and lately all I have been reading are books about running, not that there’s anything wrong with that! (Seinfeld reference) Now just gotta try to read and not feel sleepy. Hopefully with more experience comes overall success. Wish me luck!

Here comes my wedding dress

So the blizzard ended and that was fantastic… not so fantastic? My eating. Today was not a good day on that front. I also got a call that my wedding dress came in and I need to try that on soon and I have at least 5 more pounds to lose before that so this cannot be good I repeat THIS CANNOT BE GOOD. I am trying not to be too hard on myself because I try to stay happy with my balance with food and just try to eat to be healthy. I hate total restriction, it doesn’t work for me. And I find it much easier to be successful on my eating plan if I just accept that their are good days and bad days. I am not even going to workout formally today, just do a lot of burpees I think. I do them in sets of 10, and I am going to try to squeeze out 4 of those sets right here as soon as I am done. I thoroughly enjoy burpees actually because I feel they are a good test of my overall fitness. I remember this summer I couldn’t get through 7 without a LONG break and now I can really get through 10 no problem. Today was just an ugh day on all fronts. UGH.

But yesterday! Yesterday was more ok. I have to post about yesterday because I actually have a picture in incorporate. I had a bagel craving like no other yesterday so I drove over in a break from the blizzard to grab one from Starbucks. Then I went all “health food  blogger” on it as I say. Hopefully someone understands what I mean when they see this bad boy.



So first I put almond butter down (food blogger essential, even though I stress I AM NOT ONE OH MY) then some reduced fat cream cheese. Followed by a nice sliced up banana and some cinnamon on top. Hey at least I made my bagel craving a meal right? If there is anything that healthy living blogs have taught me, its that you mix all of the flavors together. Seriously, all of them. Check check. 

Injury report: not feeling my shin/calf pain anymore, still compressing and taking time off. The lack of running seriously effects my overall fitness happiness. I guess you could say I am officially hooked. I did do some bike and then my leg workout at the gym yesterday where I temporarily hurt my knee. I was being all  dramatic and sad, and then some smart guy I know was all like “hey Tayler, take some ibuprofen” and then I did and since then it has been all better. Go smart guys, they are seriously the best. Long post signing off for the night!