So today I did something spontaneous/ exciting! I bought an unlimited pass to Pure Barre for the month! I have heard about barre for a long time, but for some reason¬† I never looked to see if there was one near me? But today I heard about it at work, and when my coworker said “I really saw a difference in my arms and lower abs” I said sign me up. So I just sprung for it and did it! Nothing like already paying for something to really force you to go through with it.

I went to my first class tonight and it was for sure different then anything I have ever been too. I am used to running and getting really sweaty, and I really wasn’t that way tonight. Well that could be because I could only do about half the class! With the small pulsing movements my muscles literally worked so hard they couldn’t hold it anymore! It was a pretty cool feeling, and I loved that there were little stretch breaks intermixed in the class. At the end of the class, I walked out and just said “ouch”. All my muscles were exhausted. It was awesome. I have a feeling this will also really help build core strength for running, while also increasing my flexibility! Great all around in my book.


And to end on a cute note, here is a picture of my baby Toby puppy attempting to play with his “brother” my bunny Doofy. Toby loves him so, and Doofy could really not care less. Have a great night!