It’s been a while..

So I may actually suck at this whole blog writing thing! Actually I think I just suck at doing things unless I am on a schedule, and I work them into my  schedule. So good news! I now have a schedule haha. All this week I have done morning workouts, and while I have been consistently tiredddd I know it can only get better. I try to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time, and I think I am doing ok with it. Luckily I had today off for Good Friday, so I can squeeze in my long run before the weekend at the in laws! Hopefully tomorrow  I can do maybe just 3 miles or something there. But as for today I have nine miles on the agenda. Also I don’t have any GU or anything so that’s fun Tayler. 9 miles is a longgg run for me, so I should probably bring something,  but I guess not today.

I have really been all about the running, and trying to keep to it. The Pittsburgh Half is in 16 days eek! I am very excited, mostly because I still get to go into the race with the same goal: Just finishing. It’s relaxing and I just have to keep reminding myself how blessed I am that I get to run (jog slowly) around towns. Also that I get to buy running gear. I am really really excited for this summer in terms of running, and I have set some goals for myself I think are attainable.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, just saying that I am indeed back 🙂 I promise!


This blogging thing..

So I think I am going to dare to take this blogging thing more forreal and not just as a blog to my friend Megan about losing weight for my wedding. The only problem is, I have absolutely no idea what to do. Also I need a better name, I mean couch to run? Because I like the couch? I have no idea what I was thinking. Also I kind of want to take this more seriously because it will encourage me to take pictures of myself/ life which I NEVER  do, and it has always been a dream that I would! I feel like I miss so much because I am uncomfortable in pictures and bleh bleh. So I will start out with one photo I suppose, the only great picture of my fiancé and I together.


And there we are. Looking like we like each other and everything.

Anywhooo, in running (or I like to say jogging because I am sooo slow) news my shins/calves feel better today! I am still taking time off, because the last time they hurt like that a week ago I took 3 days off and they still hurt when I ran again. I think a week should be sufficient. In the mean time, I am just wearing compression socks, foam rolling, and icing like I am some sort of marathoner or something. I swear it helps. So I guess that does it for today, I won’t tell anyone how my elliptical/arm workout yesterday went, because it wasn’t jogging and doesn’t make me sweat and also it was pretty out and I didn’t get to enjoy it so I am definitely grumpy about it. Life goes on!