There’s no such thing as looking too early..

.. when it comes to dogs! Today we went to go look for my mom’s dress for the wedding, and when we got to the salon the absolute CUTEST dog was there! Turns out it is called a Wheaten Terrier and it is at the top of my list of dog’s to scoop up now! Sure, the rules are now that I can’t get a dog for around a year, because I have to see how this new job is going to do throughout busy season (Jan-April) of next year, and we have to have the wedding and everything and just enjoy us for a time, but it never hurt to look right 🙂

Nothing super exciting happened yesterday! Just the basics. And today’s workout consisted of burpees and pushups. It was a long travel day so I figured I would just do that and call it a day! Not that those are easy, because seriously, they are not.

In other news the weather is starting to perk up, it was 47 in the Cleve today! Here we come spring!!

SO one of my new favorite blogs HAS  to be ! Go over there and see her diet forreal though. She is healthy healthy and has some very interesting veggies and meals! Also she runs all that high mileage, which is as close that I have seen yet to my all time favorite blog SkinnyRunner, even though alas she has departed from the blog world! Nothing gets my butt out the door faster then reading a post where a woman just ran 20 miles, or over 100 a week. I know that is a little much, but I just think it’s really empowering and it seriously pumps me up. I cannot wait for the day when I can hit double digits whenever I want like it’s no big deal. But wait, I guess I have to run to make that happen..hmm.. my long run this weekend should help! (and by long I mean 7 miles, which is long for me.. haha)

And I know you didn’t think I would leave you without a picture of my new favorite dog breed, did you ? 🙂



This girl is 28 pounds of love, and great for apartment living! And honestly, who could say no to those eyes… I would gladly accept a girlie like this if someone has an extra laying around 🙂