I want to buy all the running gear

Am I the only one? I honestly cannot be. I am sitting here waiting for all of my stuff to charge so  I can go on a run, and I realize how much I hate my stupid Nathan’s brand belt that I wear to put my phone and keys in. It is wayyy too small, and I have seen some of my favorite blogs try out the flip belt and now I want one LIKE NO OTHER. Especially because it is only $28.99, which to me is not a totally unreasonable price. I can spend $30 without feeling super bad. Why can’t it be $40 or above? I have a tough time when it gets to 40.. ACK.

Then Monica over at runeatrepeat.com had to post today about how her favorite Moving Comfort shorts which I have been wanting to try for a while are on sale today! They are $35 which ONCE AGAIN I don’t have the biggest deal spending. But I really want them.

I swear I could browse the internet all day for new gear. I need someone to smack my hand away!

Off to run for a little to enjoy it being 50 degrees for .3 seconds! Literally I have 3 hours before a cold front blows in.. thanks Ohio..